Which Neighborhoods Suffer More Cockroach Pests?

Which Neighborhoods Suffer More Cockroach Pests?

With the arrival of summer, heat, and high temperatures, insect pests increase. Mosquitoes, ants, fleas, cockroaches … they roam the cities, while we go on vacation. But would you like to know which neighborhoods suffer more cockroach pests in Bilbao? In Madrid, they have done a study, on which are the zones of the capital where there are more plagues of cockroaches.

Two important aspects that must be taken into account are the population density and the age of the buildings. These characteristics, although it seems a lie, influence whether the cockroach plague is more important in one neighborhood or another.

As reported by El País, the Vector Control Department of Madrid ensures that the black cockroach is the most common in the capital. The American cockroach pest is the most frequent, but in Madrid, the data is different. In fact, in 2018, there were triple the number of warnings for black or common cockroach pests than for the American one.

To keep these insects under control, the pest control companies carry out control treatments with insecticidal baits, use of microencapsulates, or spray spraying, among other mechanisms. The realization of this type of prevention tasks is essential to perform good pest control work, but it is not the only one.

According to the Department of Vector Control, in addition to the environmental aspect, the age of the houses and the type of construction influence the appearance of this type of pest.

What areas suffer more from cockroach pests?

When collecting data, in which areas suffer more cockroach pests, the number of inhabitants is not essential, but population density does matter. In fact, in Madrid, the Vallecas and Aluche neighborhoods top the list of the most denounced. In Orcasitas (Usera), 11 alerts were recorded per 10,000 inhabitants and in Hellín, 9 per 10,000. Nor are places of high purchasing power in the Aravaca area spared 18 reports of cockroach pests in 2018.

At the moment, there is no official data that reveals which are the areas of Bilbo or Bizkaia with more presence of cockroaches. Still, the pest control companies are fully trained to act at the minimum incidence. The use of appropriate techniques ensures the non-presence of these insects in homes, businesses, or commercial premises.

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