Common pests in the bars and restaurants

Common pests in the bars and restaurants

Summer arrives, the heat and, consequently, the holidays. Rest days and spend more time on the street than at home. Therefore, we spend a lot of time in bars and restaurants with the sole purpose of being able to enjoy more of our free time. But these leisure places are not free from pests. A recent study ensures that rats and cockroaches are the most common pests in bars and restaurants.

Due to food handling and storage, hospitality businesses are susceptible to a pest attack. The most straightforward solutions to prevent this problem are good cleaning and pest control.

The study, prepared for the first time, ensures that several types of pests can be found in hospitality premises. The most typical are pests of cockroaches, rodents, and flying insects.

These pests are also present in the restaurants of Bizkaia. These pests are a problem for the local hotel, not only because of the bad reputation it may have among customers, but can cause illness and contaminate food. What would result in a breach of current regulations on food safety and the possible closure of the premises? That is why all hospitality stores usually have the services of a pest control company in Bizkaia or any other province. Health regulations are unusually strict with these businesses.

These pests usually have their origin in storage areas, and kitchens, so good prevention work will make the proliferation of rodents, cockroaches, or insects more difficult.

What to do if a pest is detected in a local hotel?

If it is too late and we have detected a pest, the only solution is to call a pest control company in Bilbao or Bizkaia to analyze the situation. She will develop a plan to carry out the elimination and fumigation of insects or derivatization work, with the sole purpose of eradicating the plague in the shortest possible time.

Do not try to eliminate the plague on your own, since you usually will only be able to extend the disease to other compartments. Although it may seem that it is only an insect or rodent that appears in isolation, we can usually see them when there are many hidden.

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