Bed Bug Pests in the Tourist Apartments?

Bed Bug Pests in the Tourist Apartments?

Although we live with them every day, pigeons are a type of bird that can cause certain damages in the urban planning of the city, as well as the transmission of some diseases. For this reason, the Guadalajara City Council has devised a plan to fight the pigeon plague suffered by the municipality.

From last March until well into the summer, a plan will be developed to control the increase of birds in the city that will reinforce the pest control methods that are usually carried out.

From the session, they have warned that in recent years, the population of pigeons in the town of La Mancha has adapted very well to the urban environment. This has made them a problem since they dirty the historical heritage, the street furniture and can cause sanitary damage.

A pest control company will reinforce the actions that have been done regularly, with three measures of a punctual nature for the reduction of this type of bird. Sustainable, effective, and environmentally friendly measures to try to reduce the population of 10,000 pigeons estimated to be in Guadalajara.

The first action will be the capture of pigeons by installing cages. These will move around different places in the city according to the success they have. This method will be carried out on the roofs of public buildings to avoid causing inconvenience to neighbors.

Another of the actions will be the capture of pigeons through networks. This technique will be done first thing in the morning in the green areas of the city such as parks, gardens and sports facilities. Finally, falconry work will be carried out. Other types of birds will be used as peregrine falcons to try to scare away the pigeons. With this type of measure, the Guadalajara City Council will try to control the pest of existing pigeons in its streets, always using efficient and bird-friendly methods.

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