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Location coordinates are: Latitude= 53.565, Longitude= -117.52. On the bus, approaching our hotel, I was sovereignly hit with the incredible Shalom-peace of God; wasn’t looking for it, it just unexpectantly showed up. As with the King’s initial letter, things have been set in motion by the Prince of Persia (the devil) that I believe will not change. Conditions: N/A: Today. We need to know what the Bible says about Israel and the Jewish people and on that foundation alone, take our stand. All Locations > Tennessee > Obed & Clear Creek. John 4:22 tells us that; “Salvation is from the Jews”. Sport 5.11b/c 6c+ 23 VIII-24 E4 6a. The Psalms tells us that; “He loves the city of Jerusalem more than any other city” and “The joy of the whole earth, is Mt. Save time & money and get your job done, fast. Another scripture calls them, “appointed times”. Mid This article has been rated as Mid-importance on the project's importance scale. We were standing outside in the sun (baking) when suddenly we felt drops of water. And it was a huge confirmation to me that truly now is a time of change of seasons. When I got on the bus, the driver told me that it was already at 8AM over 40 degrees Celsius. One of our goals at The Obed Project is to show Israel to the traveler through a biblical lens, thus causing the searching Christian to see the everlasting, faithful, covenant relationship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has with the land and the people of Israel. He is well experienced in the Global delivery model and has a proven track record in managing complex implementation and support projects. This is not something that Zion or the Jewish people have earned, but something that comes out of God’s sovereign grace and mercy. However, all of this change caused me to have to touch everything I own, make decisions about each possession and either give it away, throw it away, or box it up for moving. Forecast High / Low Precip. I believe at a minimum, Christians need to recognize them as they roll around each year and, in some way, observe/celebrate that Feast. – I admit that all people speaking Hebrew sound excited!). Israel’s Restoration Predicted … The prophets of Israel certainly do make clear, specific promises of a restoration of Israel that will take place in two phases; first to their land and then to their God. The upper reservoir is planned to be located in the southeast corner of the old Obed Mountain Coal Mine surface lease, while the lower one will be up from the Athabasca River. Is there another? Talk:Obed Mountain coal mine spill. Horton described the hydro energy storage project as a water battery. n/a % humidity . Obed Edom Estates- T/A Copper Coal Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa Oceanic Metals Co. Ltd. Turkey Ofogheshayan Engineering And Commercial Services Co. Tehran, Sohrevardi, Iran Omega Intl. Sherritt expressed an interest in understanding opportunities to utilize organic The first unit was commissioned in 2009. 5.9+ 5c 17 VI 17 E1 5a. Mountain Project's determination of the most popular, highly-rated routes. Haman got the king to send letters detailing his plans to eliminate the Jews throughout 127 provinces of the kingdom stretching from India to Ethopia. Before we look more closely at these scriptures let me remind you of the three major feasts …, Pesach / Passover … Shavuot / Pentecost … Sukkot / Feast of Tabernacles. I knew it and had been praying for wisdom in the transition. I’m concerned, that the church is abandoning the truths of scripture for a feel-good, social gospel that will not serve us in the days ahead. The park's main … While there are many benefits to renewable energy, Horton said one downside is that it’s variable and intermittent. Let us all pray and discern our part in this change. Jeremiah 6:16; “Thus says The Lord; ‘Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls.”. Amazing. TransAlta owns projects in Alberta that are 100 years old and they never run out of fuel,” Horton said. 46° 31° 12%. “Times and seasons.” These words are so familiar to Christians and so much a fabric of our lives that sometimes we forget the larger picture. The second group was very small. “… ask for the good way, and walk in it …”. Reprinted from: Derek Prince Ministries devotional: Declaring God’s Word. There will be one upper freshwater reservoir and one lower reservoir, which will be connected in a closed loop system by an underground pipe. I struggled and then came up with a temperature of 104F. ET on Saturday, Dec. 5, 2020.There are 402,569 confirmed cases in Canada._ Canada: 402,569 confirmed … Without the Jews, we would have no patriarchs, no prophets, no apostles, no Bible – and no Savior! Trading Inc. New York, USA Onwhite Inc. Kolkata, West Bengal, India Oracel M Ltd. Dublin, Ireland Panama Import and Exports Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India 3 [Redacted] Sport 5.11a 6c 22 VII+ 22 E3 5c. Client:€Sherritt Coal Sherritt Coal owns and operates the Obed Mountain Mine (OMM), located approximately 300 kilometres west of Edmonton, Alberta.€ As reclamation activities at the mine increase concurrent with the mine ending its … During the first group, we experienced record high temperatures, comfortably lower temperatures, dust storms, and desert winds – all in all, just regular June Israel weather. To whet your appetite we are excerpting below from the book; The Destiny of Israel and the Church 1992, 2007, 2016 by Derek Prince Ministries-International, published by Whitaker House. The latest numbers on COVID-19 in Canada for Saturday, Dec. 5, 2020 . Another thing to remember is that Jesus observed the Feasts; if they were important to Him, they should be important to us. On the third day, as we exited our hotel for the day’s activities, we noticed that all of the Israelis, including our guide and driver, were looking up and talking excitedly (O.K. For sake of time and space, join me as we jump into the pages of scripture already part way through the Book of Esther. Did you know that Israel has become the Plumb-line for the Church? Did you know that no Israeli Jew has ever blown themselves up on a Palestinian bus, killing innocent women and children? Over the last several decades many of our colleges and universities have championed anti-Israel views and actively promoted the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) Movement; and under the guise of social justice they have demonized Israel as an apartheid State. Let me close with this scripture – Isaiah 62:6-7; “Watchmen … remind the Lord, take no rest … until He establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.” Let’s be faithful to our calling.

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