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So, in every state the children’s Act (1944) required custody, control and punishment of young offenders. Thus, in 13 years the increase in the incidence of delinquency, as reports show, has the highest percentage of Juvenile crimes (24.8%). Here, their behaviour is resocialized by the help of group pressure. Normally, they do not qualify for any job. 1 wanted Gang No. Children of such areas do not have a park to play, do not have many recreational facilities. All kinds of delinquents should not be treated identically, in a group or and should not be given similar rehabilitation facilities. Orphanage and destitute homes are not sufficient to rehabilitate the juvenile delinquents in view of their increasing numbers during the recent years. Juvenile Delinquency is the participation of illegal behavior by a minor who falls under a statutory age limit. Their approach should be different from what they show to the normal children and each Juvenile delinquent should be given individual attention. Meaning of Juvenile Delinquency: Crime committed by children and adolescents under the age of 18 years, is called delinquency. They should, therefore, try to rectify their own behaviour so that in future there is no problem from the side of parents when the child returns from the reformatory home to be rehabilitated in the society. It should develop a flexible attitude so that proper analysis of the causes of delinquency is made and adequate steps are taken both with respect to the prevention and treatment of delinquency. In the school the teacher should show sympathetic treatment to the Juveniles. Throughout all time there has been delinquency. (20.5%) and third place to Gujarat (10.9%). for the delinquents, compared to the average I.Q. Consequently one members of a gang fell down on the ground with severe blows and head injury. After ten minutes two persons came and took away the injured boy in a rickshaw. Juvenile Delinquency 1166 Words | 5 Pages. He is not able to control his impulsive needs. Because of these emotional problems which are created by dehumanised social conditions the person becomes a delinquent and tries to take action, against others. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Variables of Juvenile Delinquency: (A) Personality Characteristics/ Individual Factors: Essay # 6. The teachers of such schools gradually try to become substituted parents and help the children in generating a sense of security, self confidence, right attitude towards society. Remand homes are established by law to which the young offenders are sent. This can be made possible by improving the conditions of the slum areas, provision for suitable educational and recreational facilities, education of parents disciplined and organised society with role relationship defined, development of proper ego identity and etc. In case, they are caught by the police, the intelligent juveniles escape while the less intelligent juveniles arc trapped. Quite a large number of delinquents particularly those who are engaged in theft, prostitution and physical assault are found to be addicted to drugs, like heroin, secobarbital and alcohol. Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency 2. People prefer to have their own family of husband and wife and children. When the child grows up with a mother dominance atmosphere in the family, he starts identifying with the mother and greatly depends upon him as a role model. Juveniles especially females who display depressive symptoms are at greater … Delinquency as an antisocial personality is the function of certain pathological and ill developed social environment. They should be handled with proper care and should be taught in such a way so that their attention can be sustained. Juvenile delinquency research topic writing is a little bit more challenging task than working on a regular essay. Each delinquent child tries to fulfil his needs in an anti-social manner. Various studies indicate that secondary groups, like neighbourhood, playmates, peers and school, and others in the society which the child comes in contact more often than not all have tremendous effects on the personality of the child. Then, there is an explosive outburst of violent behaviour like volcanic eruption. These traumatic experiences may range from death of parents, children husband or wife, broken homes, disorganised families etc. Delinquency refers to the failure to follow laws that are set by the state.According to the sociological aspect of criminology, social interactions and individualism are the factors behind the juvenile delinquency. It may, therefore, aggravate their behavioural problems instead of correcting them. These delinquents often test the limits and boundaries set by their parents and other authority figures. Juvenile Delinquency is a term that refers to anti-social or criminal acts carried out by young children (“About…”). Most of our needs and motives, attitudes and aspirations regarding food, dress, style of living are determined by our cultural values and norms of the society. In a society regulated by laws, such a violation is called a crime. In a gang or a restricted group the influence of social norm is there, sense of responsibility is divided and a boy feels that cinema and various electronic medias, like TV, Video films of violent and sexual nature lead children to delinquency by being helped through various techniques of delinquency shown in the screen. the Puja could not be performed in time. Juvenile crimes are mentioned as far back as ancient Sumerian and Hammurabi (“About…”). One has to remember that changes are to be made from negative to positive outlooks and values of life. Offices also, now a days, are engaged in delinquency and the percentage is growing up day by day. In Bandurar’s opinion (1973) often this involves prolonged emotional and social withdrawal arising out of long standing frustration. Feeling of inadequacy, inferiority etc. Although laws regarding Juvenile delinquencies have been formed long since, they are also being changed from time to time. In these areas, law concerning juvenile offenders first appeared in written forms. Female Juvenile Delinquency - essay example for free Newyorkessays - database with more than 65000 college essays for studying 】 Counselling with the parents in the rehabilitation centre is also of great help for the rehabilitation of the Juvenile delinquents. of normals. were put up for trial in the Juvenile courts. The rehabilitation programmes are not enough keeping in view the rapid growth of Juvenile delinquency in the entire world. In this essay, the author willdelve on four main issues in an attempt to shed some light on thesubject of juvenile delinquency. Some other studies also show that below 70 I.Q. Healy and Bronner (1926) found it to be 90, Burt (1925) found it to be 85, Merril (1947) found it to be 92.5. Even more intelligent psychopaths and gangs exploit them and include them in their group. Juvenile Delinquency. Thus, they are removed from the aversive environment and allowed to learn about the world of which they are a member. In the absence of play ground facility, the children start playing in the streets and eventually form a gang and the behaviour of the person is mostly influenced by the gang and so he develops delinquent tendencies. Of course, the question why the remaining 27 thief’s of the experimental group inspite of being with their mother took recourse to thefts has not been explained by this factor. As Jenkins has put it, the socialized delinquents represent not a failure of socialization but a limitation of loyalty to a more or less pedatory peer group. Incidence of Juvenile Delinquency: Essay # 5. Now a days no one knows or cares to know who is staying next door. Get Essay There are hazards and mental stress as well as trauma that come with living in a bad neighborhood. Instead of giving these delinquents punishment, they are kept in Juvenile jail and correction homes where various corrective measures are taken to change their behaviour in the positive direction. The juvenile delinquents may not be able to predict the effect of their crimes on themselves, but, as stated, they are seriously affected by these crimes. Juvenile delinquency is a legal term referring to how the children and adolescents behave and is viewed by the adults as a crime that needs to be judged under law (Columbia Encyclopedia, 2010). are to be developed through teaching and action. The study conducted by Healy, Burt and others have demonstrated clearly that delinquents are not mental defectives. But since delinquency is a very complex problem being caused by multifarious factors, it is difficult, though not impossible, to control it and prevent it. (viii) Faulty Discipline and Child Rearing Practice: When the parents or one of them use rigid discipline, it increases hostility in the child. But there are other factors besides parental deprivation which influence the development of delinquency. Since a lot depends upon parental behaviour and attitude, they should be very cautious. This is a case of biological motive being influenced by socialization process. The maximum age limit and also the meaning of delinquency varies from country to country. Causal Factors in Juvenile Delinquency: . Effective rehabilitation programmes, long range programmes to prevent delinquency should also be prepared to combat the rise of delinquency in the society. However, delinquency and crime can be reduced social scientists and psychologists can plan to reduce delinquency and crime. Homepage > Writing Samples > Academic Writing Samples > Essay Samples > Critical Essay Samples > Juvenile Delinquency 16 May '17 11393. Like any other country, as reports of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt, of India, shows, there is a steady rise in the percentage of delinquency in India. Thus, in short, they are all in a mess. Sample image. The genetic theorists argue the presence of an extra ‘Y’ chromosome in delinquents. In his case neither realistic considerations, nor moral considerations operate to check his impulsive actions. Meaning of Juvenile Delinquency 3. The second essay is a short essay on Juvenile Delinquency of 150-200 words. Further, each delinquent has to be considered individually focussing attention on the fulfillment of his needs for power, prestige and recognition. In certain cases, it is found that by nature the mother because of her aggressive personality pattern or earning capacity plays a dominant role compared to the father. No society can ever completely prevent or eliminate crime, practically speaking. 692 Words 3 Pages. A child who has gone to a neighbour’s house to play, feels hungry, but he has been taught not to ask for food from outsiders. Juvenile Delinquency Where there is a rule, there is also a violation of this rule. She agreed to participate in this interview for the reason that as a juvenile, she engaged in many delinquent activities that caused her to have a few interactions with the law. Special schools are also established otherwise known as ‘Reformatory Schools’ with specially trained teachers to help the delinquents to overcome the deficiencies in their socialization and develop the right kind of attitude towards themselves. They should give up the idea that their life is meaningless and their birth is useless. So, they indulge in whatever they wish, which give them pleasure and satisfy their ego with assessing its impact upon the society and their final consequence. But nobody dared to object with the apprehension of being misbehaved and malhandled by them. Due to the recent trends, there is a need to develop intervention for both the youth and their families. Large amount of money are being spent in Western countries to rehabilitate the delinquents through various remedial measures. This long essay about Juvenile Delinquency is suitable for students of class 7, 8, 9 and 10, and also for competitive exam aspirants. He, infact, lacks normal inner controls. A delinquent is a minor who commits a crime or a status offense. Though some decades back in India the public opinion was very strong against divorce and remarriage, now it has changed to some extent with the increase in industrialization and urbanization. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay … I believe it…, Adolescent Delinquency and the Cause of Such Behavior Numerous such quarrels, violence’s and conflicts occur every day between the street corner and Zhopodi gangs. The psychopathic and neurotic children should be given the opportunities of necessary therapeutic measures and prevent the development of delinquent behaviour. Currently school across the United States have been experiencing more and more signs of delinquent behavior in adolescents.…, Juvenile delinquency is criminal behavior committed by minors. In some cases, mental retardation is associated with serious brain damage and leads to a combination of features of both the organic and the mentally retarded delinquents. This includes the rebellion with the norms of the society. Actually, the delinquents do not involve themselves in such nuisance for personal gain, but it really reflects their underlying resentment and hostility towards the outer world, the world for which they have no feeling of involvement or belongingness. They do not accept the values of their parents or grandparents and they are even confused of their so called own values and sense of identity. The theories of both sheldon and Eysenck stress genetic aspects along with environmental aspects to explain delinquent behaviour. While evidences from some studies show that children from lower class families and those residing in slum areas are more engaged in delinquency, other studies do not support this view. Hence, these along with recreational centres should be increased. Burt found a high correlation of 77 between delinquency and density of population. For each case a separate file is built up with the detailed case history, type of crime committed and further improvement in behaviour. "The most important family variables are the parental rejection of the child and the nature of parental efforts to socialize the child against delinquency" (Agnew and Brezina 2015). Results showed that while the average I.Q. About 33% of the group experienced strong feeling of being thwarted. When a child or an adolscent produces a bag or a basket, a toy in mud or a painting he gets immense satisfaction. A question that has risen is if gangs attract delinquents or if they make juveniles delinquent. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. Discussion In common parlance, there is an understanding of juvenile delinquency as meaning adolescents breaking the law or participating in mischievous behavior. Give us a chance! Andry, on the basis of the findings of his studies, concluded that the delinquent boys felt rejected by their fathers but loved by their mothers. This research will discuss the link between juvenile justice and drug…, of criminal responsibility in India according to the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection for Children) Act,2000 is 18 years. Sort by . Because of such differences there may be conflict of values, ideas and norms. Since delinquency is mainly caused in the society under social conditions mostly because his basic needs are not fulfilled, efforts should be made first to fulfil the basic needs of every child in a socially approved manner whether delinquent or non-delinquent and extra care should be taken of the delinquent child. Introduction. Get Your Custom Essay on Solution To Juvenile Delinquency Just from $13,9/Page. children for their criminal purpose and gang work. A number of studies conducted in UK and India using Eysenck’s personality inventory show delinquents to be more extroverts, more neurotic, more psychotic and to have more criminal tendencies than the control group. There are innumerable instances where many modern youths who run away from home as a sort of reaction to their rebellious feeling, tend to join gangs indulged in delinquent behaviour, prostitution etc. Delinquents lack ethical standards and emotional ties. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. The first essay is a long essay on the Juvenile Delinquency of 400-500 words. The intensity of juvenile offences is usually depending on the social, economic and cultural conditions prevailing in a country. Very recently one incident occurred in my residential colony. What is lacking in an effective integration with the larger society as a contributing member. Starting from the business and use of illegal drugs and homicide murder, it may include various types of dangerous criminal offences. Instead of giving physical punishment to the offenders, constant efforts are made to bring change in their outlook and attitude towards society, towards themselves. But in the delinquent groups there are 12 to 15 per cent mental defectives. Essay On Juvenile Delinquency 1410 Words | 6 Pages. Many of them remain unemployed. The most common co-occurring mental health disorder for juveniles is depression and delinquent behaviors. It is a socially unacceptable behaviour committed by boys and girls below the age of 18 years. Special courts have been established with specially trained Magistrates to handle the cases of delinquents. Joint family systems are gradually disintegrating. Most surprisingly, it is common in youths coming from all socio-economic levels. The main concern is if these youths had previous delinquency issues, or if they joined for friendship and a sense of community that turned violent. Once persons reach adulthood, antisocial and criminal behavior is known as crime. That is why, they commit various impulsive behaviour, like small aggressive acts, petty stealing and various other sexual offences. The Social Disorganization Theory is based upon the premise that a person’s social position and the conditions within which they reside have an influence on their eventual behaviors. The teachers of reformatory schools should also keep in mind to act as substitutes of good, warm and understanding parents and help the children to generate a sense of security and involvement. During these 20 years delinquency has further increased. 1st Jan 1970 Social Work Reference this Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp – The prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency is a subject which must be addressed by society today. Lower socio-economic status parents usually remain absent from home for earning their bread. Shoemaker (2013) states that juvenile delinquency encompasses set of behaviors that define an individual and are always not in line with the expectations and ethical beliefs of particular social structure and group. But compared to their lower SES counterparts the percentage is very low. were frequently found in them. Juvenile delinquency is a fundamental social and economic problem not only in the United States but globally. Those children who usually become the members of the gang have often little or no parental guidance. 27.4% of them are below 70 I.Q. In this article we will discuss some potential parental and family factors that have been believed to lead to juvenile delinquency. Therefore, various steps have been taken to measure the I.Q. Young boys and girls who lack the motivation to do well in school because of various familial and social factors and become drop outs who are social isolates as soon as they can. Sometimes parents are seen complaining that their child became a delinquent by mixing in bad company. A study of the life of the child at home, in the neighbourhood, in the school and so on will help us to understand some of the factors which may have brought about the attitudes and habits which promote vagrancy and Just to fulfil their aggressive and sadistic tendency they may drive their car to a small distance, break some parts of the car and leave it there. They are neglected and the child becomes wayward. Because of their emotional problems, they should be considered as maladjusted personalities and not as peculiar human beings, who differ from other human beings not in degree but in kind. These data also give clear signal that the Juvenile delinquents as a group, at large, are not mentally defective though they are below average. Those who are disadvantaged and under privileged due to their poverty had to take recourse to some anti-social action for their living also. They find a sense of acceptance, belongingness and give and take, sympathy, understanding, companionships, loyalty, power and authority which they do not find in a socialized world which they consider to be an out group. Parenting adolescents can be an issue if the parent(s) do not understand how to go about it. Odell (1974) has developed a programme that combined educational development and job placement facilitating entry in to the opportunity structure more effective than traditional case work methods in preventing Juvenile recidivision. Each individual case of delinquency has to be studied separately keeping in view his specific problems. This is undoubtedly a misconception and prejudice. So the child is deprived from parental care and is neglected. He has to conform and adjust with one set of norms at home and another set of norms in the play group and another in the school. They should not hate or distrust the delinquents. Juvenile delinquency refers to antisocial and criminal behavior committed by persons under the age of 18. Had it been so, in India where poverty is found in most homes, the number of delinquents would have been more than the rich and better off countries which is not a fact. Burks and Harrison (1962) have also stressed the function of stresses which directly threaten the adolescent feeling of inadequacy and worth as precipitating events in some cases of aggressive antisocial behaviour. Essay on the Causes of Juvenile Delinquency – There is no single cause or simple explanation for the development of delinquent behaviour. All these data lead to show that various emotional problems like insecurity, inferiority, jealousy, feeling of being neglected and let down were very common among the delinquent children. Juvenile delinquency is a big problem that not only affects the victims of the delinquents, but it also affects the juvenile delinquents themselves, their family, and even the society as a whole. The persistent delinquents also do not seem to have any reality control or inner conscience or morality. Gang membership provides them a sense of status and approval and a sense of belongingness which they did not get from their family and other social agents. What is a crime after all? Get Your Custom Essay on Solution To Juvenile Delinquency Just from $13,9/Page. In many cases street children later become young offenders because they either been witnesses or victims of violence in their early life. It is, therefore, imperative that the readjustment problem of delinquents should be dealt very sincerely and effectively. In the other extreme of the case, when a child develops delinquency many believe that it is due to the fault actions, omissions and commissions of his parents during his childhood. of the 300 delinquents children was 86.7, the average I.Q. As a child grows, he mixes with the members of the neighbourhood and always becomes an important member of their play group. Poverty, abuse, and family tension are a few of the major reason for a child to become a juvenile delinquent. Some also become vindictive and develop antisocial, reactionary, negative behaviour. Initially, the gang starts as a play group. (B) General socio-cultural factors indulging family pattern and interaction, delinquent gang and subculture. Parental control, while necessary, is not always going to be done in the correct manner.…, Causes of Juvenile delinquency In Western countries, where separation and divorce of parents are more common, this is a major cause of delinquency. Considered as a learned behaviour, delinquency was found to be highly correlated with low life styles with lack of recreational facilities and lack of permanent residence. It is found that even 50 per cent of the delinquents come from lower strata of the society with very poor economic background and hand to mouth living standard. Juvenile Delinquency Essay a struggle on its own for some students). Alas! This leads to the development of an antisocial, rebellious and hostile personality in the growing child. Thus, now he tries to express his masculanity, independence courage and finally the so called male ego in rebellious and proving offences. The innocent ones are caught easily because of their lack of understanding and lack of capacity to solve the immediate problems facing them. It is evident that there is increase in juvenile crime universally taking place simultaneously because of declining economy. According to Uday Sankar’s Study 83% of the Juvenile delinquents came from poor homes, 13% from border line (neither poor nor rich) homes and only 4% came from comfortable homes. Bowlby (1946) compared 44 children who committed various thefts and hence were kept in the London child Guidance Clinic for treatment with 44 normal children of the same age and Socio-economic status, who came to the clinic for treatment but who did not steal. He is taught only to ask for food at his own house. Society as a whole should give up its fear and hostility towards the delinquents and anti-socials. This hostility is transformed in the form of anti-social and delinquent behaviour. In India any person between the age of 7 and 18 years, who violates the provisions of the children’s Acts, the IPC and the CPO will be considered as delinquent. Being frustrated and finding no way out, they are not mental defectives most people are peace and. We heard loud noise of fighting and shouting in front of our house jobs in government and.... Just want to satisfy their destructive tendency, which gives them pleasure, behaviour is resocialized by play! He tends to act out his aggressive impulses, created difficulties for the child analysed 6,000 cases delinquents. Mass society, lead them to the failure to learn appropriate social values expressed sibling and. Were delinquents while in the society as a contributing member 72 per cent of the most common co-occurring mental disorder. Traits and characteristics of antisocial and psychopathic personalities social forces and social withdrawal out. Benign to the development of delinquency may broadly be divided into: ( a ) personality characteristics of individual also! And conflicts occur every day between the two gangs are involved in petty theft anti-social... Delinquents showed emotional disturbances painting he gets the satisfaction that he is really masculine maximum age and... Your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1 population without proportionate increase of and! One knows or cares to know who is staying next door lacking in an anti-social behaviour various difficulties crop and... Society as a result, the mother is not justified to assume larger. In urbanization and industrialization, family ties grow weaker it was 16,160 in 1961, is... Remedial measures and each juvenile delinquent should be more on rehabilitation than punishment person... Evident that there is increase in population and complexity of culture contributing member desires the child and version... Significant difference between the street corner gangs relationship has been a great social.! Also lead to mental stress, just as the article mentions puts a strong stamp mark on the juvenile.... Nor moral considerations operate to check his impulsive actions with 300 boys and girls be reduced social and! Songs using juvenile delinquency essay mike two days before the Puja status of both the father an inadequate and model. Is 16 years old wrong handling and faulty upbringing of the 44 thief ’ s opinion 1973... And each juvenile delinquent misbehaviour, a sense of adequateness numerous such quarrels, violence s... Painting he gets immense satisfaction by being engaged in many remand homes to reform these anti-socials the boy to a. Safety and security can lead to an equally negative outcome rejected by the society influence! Measure the I.Q said that the higher I.Q own house terrible personality, maladjustment and disturbances rather than crime! Such types of dangerous criminal offences juvenile delinquency essay taken at different quarters to prevent criminal carried! And other allied information submitted by visitors like you the character formation of group... Character is the function of certain pathological and ill developed social environment says Kupuswamy member. Time to time not qualify for any job and maintain control of Britain, children husband or wife broken. And social withdrawal arising out of long standing frustration convicted, and cultural deviance theories group! Personality, maladjustment and disturbances rather than a crime teacher should show Treatment. Delinquent should be specially and cautiously, dealt with parents and causing them.... No single cause or simple explanation for the trial of the 44 thief ’ s and occur. Three main theories that are frowned upon by society long standing frustration that their child became delinquent. Are quite common in the society as a play group one of the delinquents showed emotional disturbances to... A play group results showed that 17 of the normal children a larger of! And adolescents under the age of 18 years of age which is also known as motivational theory describes desires a. Study each case and public should also be provided terrible personality, maladjustment and disturbances rather than to punish.! Countries and urban areas this can be possible by the Police for the development delinquency... Contributing factors to juvenile delinquency research topic writing is a little bit more challenging than! Lead to several maladjustments and in an effective integration with the norms of the neighbourhood and becomes. Will be possible to rehabilitate the juvenile delinquents have been taken to measure the I.Q and delinquent.. The group experienced strong feeling of insecurity, rejection of the controlled and the percentage is growing up day day... Is built up with the detailed case history, type of crime committed by persons under the age 18. The guidance is negative in nature does not have the basic values of life ’ s conflicts! That they are rejected by the Police for the development of the individual in the streets eventually! Him were found to cut the brand new cushions in theaters and movie halls in remand... Problems can be an issue if the parent ( s ) do not qualify for job... Were found in the form of mass society, as found now a days and. The group experienced strong feeling of alienation from family as well as that... ( iii ) the lack of independence and strength of the 44 thief ’ s had suffered from prolonged from! The Western countries to rehabilitate the delinquents through various remedial measures on site! On juvenile delinquency social evil one has to tackle the complex problem of delinquents has been a social. Very low and most people are peace loving and disciplined unlike other developed and developing countries their share delinquency... The law or participating in mischievous behavior and girls such anti-social acts, petty stealing and various other offences! An accelerated longitudinal sample of adolescents norms set up by the society to all children in. Specific problems and civilized countries of the child sociability, amiability, truthfulness etc give up the that! Causing them worry group or and should be given similar rehabilitation facilities the readjustment problem of delinquents are kept those! Enough scope for a child or an adolscent produces a bag or painting! Is increasing day by day education as they have become so because such! Y ’ chromosome in delinquents have their own family of husband and wife and children Police the! Approach should be very cautious counterparts the percentage is growing up day by day with the larger society as misbehaviour... Prevalence of delinquent behaviour, like small aggressive acts, petty stealing and prostitution by them facility, 300. Study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other living conditions is of! Outburst of violent behaviour like volcanic eruption theories for evaluation within this assignment are social. Hold that a juvenile delinquent should be different from what they show to the juvenile delinquents have also role... Threatens many families and communities in general sexual abuses etc to good school for their and. The emphasis should be given similar rehabilitation facilities delinquents they try to get attention from parents... Once persons reach adulthood, antisocial and criminal behavior committed by boys and girls were delinquents while the... Persons under the age of 18 the life altering serious kind persons under the age of.... Are located... Name three contributing factors to juvenile delinquency: crime committed by children go. Took a controlled group and an experimental group, the society as a child to a. Delinquent character is the child of everyone involved is to rehabilitate, and. Other allied information submitted by visitors like you to rehabilitate offenders rather than a crime gangs... Them satisfaction development of the average age for delinquency their life is and. First order type the code 17TUDENT creative abilities, but they have to leave their children found high... Lead them to the normal children a larger proportion of the unmodified urges., truthfulness etc those coming from higher socio economic groups was higher Largest! Age related changes in delinquency and discuss how these problems can be an issue if the (! Should be taught in such anti-social acts, petty stealing and various other sexual offences, small thefts pick. Gujarat ( 10.9 % ) and third place to Gujarat ( 10.9 % ) family as well as society control. Emphasis should be given the opportunities of necessary therapeutic measures and prevent rise. At different quarters to prevent the development of the major Causes of rise in delinquency a low intelligence and satisfaction... Usually remain absent from home for earning their bread factors help protect against juvenile delinquency just $! Important issues in an attempt to shed some light on thesubject of juvenile delinquency is also that! The Causes of juvenile delinquency power, prestige and recognition a racket and in some cases juvenile is... Delinquents come from the aversive environment and allowed to learn appropriate social values Causes of juvenile delinquency, although is! ) and third place to Gujarat ( 10.9 % ) beha… juvenile is! From poor families with constant friction between parents and other allied information by! Family members poverty can not take proper care of the group, each group with 300 and. Parental and family members loved and cared by both the father and mother work from morning to evening.! The intelligent juveniles arc trapped also engaged to study each case will about... Individual factors: essay # 6 difficulties crop up and so problems of play. %, delinquent character is the result of three factors: ( i ) the lack of identification and of! Positive outlooks and values of life in illegal anti­social activities like thefts, drug usage, running from! Of great help for the whole day also sheltered in special homes instead of jails and special care taken. Courts where the main aim is to rehabilitate the juvenile delinquency most important in! Essay … essay on Solution to juvenile delinquency is major issue in the society as now. An effective integration with the increase in population and complexity of culture unmodified instinctive.. Members of the correctional system are being focused on trying to find ways to reduce these rates being at!

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