10 Most Common Types of Pests in Communities and How to Control Them!

10 Most Common Types of Pests in Communities and How to Control Them!

Identify and combat insects, rodents, and other vermin with the use of homemade products.

Domestic pests are common in any home, especially during the summer. And it is that in addition to being unpleasant insight, its spread can affect the health and well-being of all household members, from children to pets. Luckily, it is possible to get rid of them with some products that you can do in the comfort of your home.

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Why are there pests at home or in the community? Humidity and other factors

Humidity is the main factor for pests to appear in the home. Bugs love wet and dark corners, so during the summer months, it is very likely that you have to deal with them.

That is why you should never forget to clean the crumbs and any food or dirty residue and remove moisture in all corners of the home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, since these are the places where insects are most easily accommodated.

In addition to moisture, there are also other causes why you may have household pests:

  • Dirt and lack of proper cleaning.
  • Insufficient ventilation and not properly sealing the entry points with meshes or mosquito nets, facilitate the proliferation of biting insects and other types of household pests.
  • The accumulation of garbage is, of course, another cause of the appearance of pests. Throw it out every day!
  • Your pet can be a pest carrier, especially if you do not routinely disinfect it and do not have your vaccination up to date.

Types of homemade insects (more frequent)

Not only ants and mosquitoes proliferate in homes, but also other animals that can cause disease with their bacteria and germs.

  1. Mites: They are arthropods that feed on scales of human or animal skin. They are found in mattresses, bedding, or sofas, and their main cause of appearance is moisture.
  2. Weevil: It is common that carelessly buy products that already bring them, so they have easy access to the home in an imperceptible way. The most common variants of insects are the rice weevil and the grain weevil, or the wheat weevil.
  3. Moths: They are insects of the order of Lepidoptera. They slip into cupboards and cupboards or pantries. His favorite foods are dried fruits and dried fruits.
  4. Silverfish: They appear in very humid areas. They usually eat foods that contain starch and also paper.
  5. Cockroaches: They multiply at a great speed. They are surrounded by bacteria, favor the appearance of germs, and cause allergies.
  6. Ticks: They are small arthropods that suck blood and transmit infections, such as typhus or Lyme disease. It is common for poorly maintained pets to present it, but they can also invade your home if you live near green areas, since their common habitat is tall grass.
  7. Bees / Wasps: Although they do not attack unless disturbed, just like other pests can enter through cracks, pipes, and window frames to make their nests. They spread germs. They can cause allergies and stings.
  8. Topillo: It is a pest that is not easily removed. It is a kind of rodent, and they are known as field mice. They can cause a disease known as tularemia or rabbit fever.
  9. Fleas: It is an insect that bites and feeds on blood by taking small bites on the skin. To eliminate them, it is necessary to treat the house, pets, and the yard.
  10. Rats/mice: They are the most common in the home, especially in spaces with little order and lack of hygiene. They scare everyone who sees them and can transmit diseases such as leptospirosis and toxoplasmosis.

Homemade products to control pests

In addition to sealing the entrances, taking out the garbage daily, storing food in the refrigerator and in airtight containers, thoroughly cleaning the spaces, and avoiding the accumulation of moisture throughout the house. The next step is to look for strategies to eliminate them other than through the use of a large number of chemicals.

We give you some practical solutions to eliminate bugs at home:

Garlic. Grind some cloves of garlic with cloves and blend with water until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Let stand a few days, add water, and apply it with a spray on the plants and corners to end the plague and prevent its appearance.

Mint. Control fleas and ticks. It is best to plant it at the entrance or in front of the house to prevent pests from accessing it.

Boric acid. It serves to prevent the proliferation of non-flying insects. Apply it to cracks and other tiny spaces.

Orange and lemon peels. In addition to flavoring, they are effective in fighting insects such as moths. You can place them in cupboards and cupboards.

Ethyl alcohol. You can spray a little of this liquid in the nests of the pests and kill them.

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